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10 Best Places to Visit in the World


8. Sydney

Picture an enormous, easygoing seaside town. There are surfers riding the waves and beach bums lazing on the sands. Add to this landscape a horizon lined with skyscrapers and iconic landmarks like an out-of-this-world opera house and a famously stunning bridge. Stare at the trendy cosmopolitan set of sun-kissed and fashion-forward, making their way to photo shoots, architecture firms and cafés. And of course you must hear their conversation: Even their English is laidback, unlike that of the stuffy Brits or sometimes-brash American accents. The most populated city in Australia, Sydney is a natural choice for a first-time Oz visit. With its lovely beaches, world-class restaurants, and abundance of interesting things to do, Sydney’s personality is a mix of carefree Australia and sophisticated metropolis. So, whether you want a laid-back vacation surfing the giant waves of the Tasman Sea or a high-octane trip of dining, shopping, and partying, Sydney’s got you covered.

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