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10 Foods High in Potassium

You don’t have a balanced diet unless you’re eating enough potassium. This mineral is absolutely essential for the proper function of fluids in your body, along with muscles and even the function of your bowels. Potassium also plays a part in your central nervous system, meaning that it’s incredibly important that you consider your diet, and ensure that the foods you eat contain enough of the stuff.

If you don’t get enough potassium, you’ll experience muscle weakness, insomnia, depression or even be put at risk of having a stroke. So, now’s the time to start ensuring you get your 4,700mg of potassium per day. Take a look at these 10 delicious foods that are high in potassium and which you can easily incorporate into your meals each week.


Potatoes are exceptionally high in potassium, and they’re also one of the most versatile foods in the world. Of course, you can enjoy potatoes boiled and with vegetables, but you can also thinly slice them and bake them with spices, grill them, make them into thick steak fries, mash them, grate them…the list goes on. It’s a versatile food that’s incredibly easy to work into your diet – and in fact, it probably already is a part of your diet.

If you’re not eating much, perhaps it’s time to consider eating more of them. Whether they’re white, red or even sweet potatoes, they contain almost a gram of potassium in one medium-sized root vegetable. As well as potassium, they contain complex carbohydrates, vitamin C and B, and lots of iron.

For fiber, be sure to eat the skin – it’s in the skin where most of it is found. When you consume enough fiber, you are ensuring that your digestive system is functioning properly, absorbing as many nutrients from your food as possible, and encouraging bowel regularity.

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