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10 Former Athletes and Their New Day Jobs

“Patriots at Panthers: Pats win AFC East” flickr photo by Charles Atkeison shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Most people think of professional athletes as being rich. While it is true that many of them do become very rich, the majority do not. Careers in professional sports tend to be rather short, and most players never land the big eight or nine-figure contracts that make the headlines. In reality, most professional athletes have to get a ‘day job’ once their playing career is over. In fact, even some of the players who did land a huge payday on the field still choose to get a job simply to remain busy and accomplish other life goals.

So what do these players do once they have decided to walk away from the game? That depends. Some of them become broadcasters, coaches, or general managers, but plenty of others go into more-traditional lines of work. Following is a list of 10 former athletes and new ‘day jobs’ they have acquired.

Drew Bledsoe

Looking back, Drew Bledsoe was actually an excellent quarterback. Unfortunately for him, however, he was not as good as Tom Brady. Once he lost his job to the future Hall of Famer Brady, Bledsoe would hang around the NFL for a few more years before retiring in 2007. He has not, however, just sat around during his retirement in his native Washington state. Instead, Bledsoe has launched his own winery, which has been highly successful. Considering the beating that many quarterbacks take in the National Football League, operating a winery sure seems like an attractive alternative.

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