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10 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Seniors

Alzheimers Disease

It seems that many news features have something in health news which touts the ability to prevent or even cure a condition or illness. Given that there are many products currently on the market for healthy living, it is important to understand which product is right for you. Just because a product claims it is healthy and can reverse or slow a condition, is that condition something that affects your health? Coconut oil has been given a lot of praise in recent years for being a “cure all” for many conditions and ailments. So, should you be using coconut oil every day? What can coconut oil offer you? Listed below are 10 reasons seniors should be using coconut oil.

Alzheimer’s disease

A trending condition gaining momentum in recent years is Alzheimer’s disease. Studies suggest that high levels of good cholesterol in men can help prolong life suggesting that increasing HDL cholesterol can help slow or prevent the condition. Part of the thought process on this is that coconut oil is loaded with healthy fats known to promote the increase in HDL cholesterol. When older adults switch to a lower fat diet and avoid good fats altogether, they starve the brain from cholesterol which is needed for certain functions in the brain including processing time and cognitive functioning. Consider the regular consumption of coconut oil as a way to help feed your brain healthy fats and to increase good cholesterol for the reduction of Alzheimer’s disease risk.

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