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10 Most Dangerous Foods for People Over 55


We have all heard of things that can harm our health, but as a senior it is especially important to know what ways your health is affected by certain foods. The negative health implications are well established from conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, but there is still much out there to figure out as to what may be affecting certain conditions. While living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things an adult over the age of 55 years can do for their health, what exactly does leading a healthy lifestyle entail? For most, a healthy lifestyle consists of diet and exercise, refraining from over indulging in alcohol, avoiding smoking, and, one of the most frequently forgotten parts of a healthy lifestyle, the choice of foods. A healthy lifestyle does not simply imply low calories, rather, it implies making choices with the foods you eat to help keep you flourishing and energized. With that said, what foods should you avoid to help lead a healthy lifestyle? Listed below are the 10 most dangerous foods for anyone over the age of 55.


Consuming raw forms of food is not the best option for individuals over the age of 55. As the body ages, so does the immune system. This means that older adults are typically more prone to infection and illness as a result of a suppressed immunity. In addition, many older adults over the age of 55 years take some form of medication prescribed by a physician. Medications are known to have numerous side effects and one of them could be reduced immunity. If you eat out at a restaurant that serves sushi, consider some of the cooked options on the menu.

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