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10 Signs of Osteoporosis

Poor Posture

Maintaining a healthy body is important for seniors and one aspect of health that is especially important is bone health. Bone health ranges from the good and the bad and the importance of your bone health is paramount. One condition of poor bone health includes osteoporosis. Osteoporosis means porotic bones which in layman’s terms means holes in the bones. Bone health is something that can be measured through a DEXA scan and is something that every senior should have done regularly to check the health. Just as we have regular physical examinations, bones need a regular check up through the years to ensure strong, safe bones.

While some may believe that breaking bones comes naturally through the aging process, there is strong knowledge to show that bones can remain strong even as the individual ages. Listed below are some signs of osteoporosis you should be aware of to help prevent breaks, fractures, and brittle bones. It is vital to discuss any of the following signs with your doctor or healthcare provider if you experience them at any given time. In addition, be sure to discuss all medications with your healthcare provider and be sure to discuss your diet and lifestyle.

1. Poor Posture.

Having a poor or stooped down posture can be a big indicator of the health of your musculoskeletal system. A stooped posture could indicate a weakness in the vertebrae which is a serious indicator of osteoporosis. If you feel your posture is stooped down or in a poor state, consider having your bone density evaluated by your doctor to determine the health of your bones. A hunched posture could indicate a soft area in your bones which could be causing part of the hunching over. In addition, if your vertebrae are affected by bone mass loss then it could lead to debilitating disability.

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