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10 Things Your Body Odor Says About Your Health

Sweat That Smells Sweet

Body odor happens and when it does, you want to do something right away to get rid of it. Knowing the various sources of the smells will help you to avoid them and it helps you to know when you need to take action for your health. It is important to not ignore body odor because it might be giving you a signal that something is not right and that you need to do something to make sure that your health is okay. There are 10 body odors to be aware of that will help you to protect your health.

Sweat That Smells Sweet

Most people would describe their sweat smell as either non-existent or salty, but if it starts to smell sweet, you want to inspect your skin and see your doctor. A yeast infection or bacterial infection, generally affecting the skin, are the most common reasons that someone’s sweat might have a sweet odor. These are easy to treat with a quick course of medications as long as you catch them early.

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