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11 Amazing Natural Beauty Secrets for Women Over 55

Yoga and Movement Teachers

Here are some time tested natural beauty secrets for women over the age of 55. There are so many anti aging products out there but when it comes down to it, nature offers everything you need to stay vibrant and beautiful. Think in terms of going with the flow and not against it and you’ll see why these tips really work! Remember, companies that promise anti-aging are profit based and many of these tips are free and you can do them at home and incorporate them into your life starting today.

1. Yoga and Breathework

Ok first of all, did you realize that the muscles in your face will atrophy if you don’t use them? Did you realize if you do use them, it will make them firm? There are anti-wrinkle exercises you can do which isolate the muscles on your face around your lips, eyebrows and nose. It’s easy to sit in front of a mirror or do them while you’re driving. Try lifting just your upper lip, lower your bottom lip, flare your nostrils, move your lips in a circle. This will send fresh blood to your skin as you use the exercises and that will deliver nutrients to the skin as well as oxygen.

As you do yoga, the poses will help to remove toxins from your body that create free radicals and oxidative stress. You know that glow that yoga teachers have? It’s because they are twisting their torso, eating a lot of fiber and digesting regularly. That means the toxics are regularly removed from their bloodstream and they have less inflammation. Free radicals caused by toxins need to neutralize and in order to do so they steal from healthy skin cells, causing the signs of aging. A daily yoga practice can greatly improve your complexion.

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