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11 Common Causes of Jaw Pain

Jaw pain affects all of us at some time or the other in life. Whether it’s just a dull ache or severe pain it is never pleasant. There are many varied causes of jaw pain, ranging from simple causes, such as an injury to the jaw, to something more serious like having a heart attack. In general, jaw pain is not life threatening and can be simply alleviated. Try some of these natural remedies for jaw pain:

  • Hot or cold compresses. Applying a hot water bottle or an ice pack to the jaw can often help alleviate the pain. Experiment to see which is the most effective for you.
  • Supplementing with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful natural anti- bacterial, anti- viral and anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Try stress relieving techniques such as deep breathing, yoga and meditation.
Here are 11 common causes of jaw pain:

1. Dental Conditions

Jaw pain can be a result of dental conditions such as gum disease, badly fitting bridges, plates or false teeth. Periodontal gum disease is a condition that causes the gums to retreat, leaving a gap between teeth and gums. This opens the way for infection in the gums, which spreads into the jaw itself. Additionally, people who have gaps between their teeth, forming food traps, may also experience jaw pain. Pain occurs when food trapped between the teeth starts rotting and sets up an infection in the gum, which spreads to the jaw. Good oral hygiene is a must in helping to prevent jaw pain.

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