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11 Common Spices to Enhance your Health

Spices are a common part to household and culinary preparation and the use of spices can really help to bring out the flavor of any dish. While spices are often added to each dish in small amounts in compared to many other ingredients, they are one of the most power-packed ingredients in a meal. Spices are loaded with powerful antioxidants that serve to protect your body from environmental compounds so that you can stay healthy and energized. While there are a wide ranges of spices you could use in a recipe on a regular basis, some spices offer more health benefits and antioxidants than others. Listed below are 11 of the most common spices that can enhance your health.

1. Nutmeg.

This is one of the most common spices to bake and cook with, which means there is a good chance you have some in your kitchen cabinet. Nutmeg provides numerous health benefits and depending on how you want to enhance your health, you may want to consider adding more nutmeg to your cooking. Known for its detoxing ability in the body, nutmeg is a spice that you can add to any cleanse, power drink, and even tea. Sipping on some nutmeg tea before bed can help increase your body’s ability to calm for a good night sleep, similar to what you could get with an over the counter sleep aid.

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