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11 Warning Symptoms of Pneumonia

The cold months of the year can bring about many conditions and illnesses that can threaten your health. Pneumonia is an invading infection that attacks the body and causes a wide range of illnesses and symptoms. The condition generally occurs in individuals younger than 65 years of age, but anyone is affected at any age. While there are more than 30 versions of pneumonia currently known, one of the most common conditions is bacterial pneumonia, which can arise from a number of ways. If you are feeling under the weather, it is important to monitor and follow your symptoms to assure your health and wellness. Listed below are 11 symptoms of pneumonia you should follow so that you can get proper treatment.

11 Top Warning Symptoms of Pneumonia

1. Respiratory Infection.

One of the first symptoms of pneumonia is starting out with either a cold, respiratory infection, or the flu. The infection tends to start in the upper respiratory area, which usually is when you feel ill, tired, and maybe like you has a cold. From there, you may develop the flu or even pneumonia, depending on how it invades your body. If you have an upper respiratory infection or are feeling ill, this is the first symptom that you may have pneumonia. Just make sure to monitor your symptoms very closely as your illness continues on and if you feel you may need treatment, consider talking with your doctor.

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