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12 Early Symptoms of Leukemia

Leukemia is a cancer that affects the well-being of your blood tissue. Your blood, which is living tissue, is composed of various cell types and this particular cancer affects the living tissue in your blood. For many patients, it may not be something they recognize right away and the symptoms can sometimes go unnoticed. This is why it is important to understand as many of the signs and symptoms of this condition as possible. Listed below are 12 early signs and symptoms of leukemia that you should be aware of. If you suspect that you are feeling ill and may have any possible link to this disease, it is important to have your doctor give you a thorough assessment of your health.

12 Early Symptoms to Be Aware Of

1. Bruising

Background: Bruising is another condition that can occur with leukemia. It is typically the cause of some bleed that occurs due to bumping into something or having a small scrape, but generally you will notice bruising that is not usual.
How it Affects You: If you are taking certain blood thinners, bruising may be a common side effect that you have learned to deal with. However, younger individuals should not bruise as easily and if you notice this regular occurrence then it could be a sign that you should get checked out.
Additional Info: You should document in a notepad how often you bruise, how it happened, and the impact it had on you so you can report it to your doctor.

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