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12 Foods to Cleanse your Liver

Your health and vitality is largely determined by what you are exposed to on a regular basis. While your skin serves as the primary defense against a large number of environmental toxins, the organs play a large role in defending the body against harmful chemicals. One of the most important organs in your body is the liver and it serves to filter your blood from contaminants, among other functions. Just like a great tune-up with your car, your liver needs a good cleansing every now and again so that its functioning can be enhanced. When your liver is working at its peak, not only is your health to benefit, but your energy levels may increase dramatically. Let’s take a look at 12 foods that can cleanse your liver and boost your health.

1. Beets.

Beets are not a common food in regular everyday diet, but beets are a refreshing treat to any diet. Consisting of a dark red color, beets contain endless vitamins and phytochemicals that protect your body, nourish your cells, and detox your liver. Over the course of your life, your liver may become damaged from a wide range of reasons and when it does, it is necessary to protect and rebuild the damage. Beta carotene is a protective compound that can help to just this and then some. The betaine in the beta carotene helps your liver to shuttle toxins into the urinary stream while protecting the body from inflammation. One of the most common ways to enjoy beets and gain the benefits it has to offer is to juice fresh beets.

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