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12 Foods to Cleanse your Liver


12. Grapefruits.

Citrus is a widely popular fruit to enjoy and the grapefruit is atop of the list. The grapefruit is another food that has been given a lot of attention; however, it usually gets attention that is not necessarily for your health. Grapefruits are widely known to prevent the functioning of certain medications in your body, which can be damaging in some ways. However, if you are otherwise healthy and are not currently taking any medications, consider eating more grapefruit to help cleanse the liver and detoxify the body. The vitamins in grapefruit protect the liver cells and it also contains high amounts of limonoids, which are powerful detoxifying enzymes. Make sure to talk with your doctor to see if it is safe to consume grapefruits and if it is safe, consider having fresh grapefruit juice or fresh slices for breakfast to start your day.

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