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12 Reasons Bookworms Live Longer


You may have heard that reading is good for you, but when you are growing up; sometimes this is not so clear. Reading is a way to stimulate the mind, learn material, and increase creativity, among many other things. In addition, reading has been shown to be a great source to help you live longer, be happier, and be smarter. When it comes to reading, it has been shown that book reading especially is important for increasing your chances of living longer. Why and how does reading help you to increase your odds of extending your life? Listed below are 12 reasons of why people who read books live longer than those who typically do not read.

1. Education.

It takes a certain level of education to be able to read, comprehend and allow the information being taken in to your mind to process. When this happens, not only are you increasing your creative area of your mind, but you are also constantly learning and expanding your knowledge. In order to read and comprehend at this level, education plays a huge role in the mental processes occurring, which contributes to longevity. Some studies have shown that those who read books regularly are more likely to have a higher education and also live longer than those who do not read. The next time you start reading your favorite book; just remember that you are doing a good thing for your health.

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