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12 Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that affects the metabolic functioning in the body and with a growing trend of disease and obesity among many adults, diabetes is a disease that will continue to be a problem in the following decades. One issue with diabetes is that the disease is not necessarily something that you can detect by looking at the affected individual, but through frequent health check-ups, your blood sugar can be monitored for safety.

While diabetes tends to be a “silent” issue today, there are numerous signs and symptoms that an individual can use to detect a start to a problem. Using common symptoms of diabetes, detection and the management of diabetes is within reach. Listed below are 12 common symptoms, or things to look for, with diabetes.

1. Frequent bathroom breaks are affecting you

One of the first symptoms that can suggest diabetes is the frequent urge to use the bathroom. The disease is an interesting one that can affect many systems in the body, which means that you are likely to develop frequent urination for no obvious reasons. When your body is in a state of diabetes, it has a difficult time breaking down the food and sugar in the blood and when there is more sugar in the blood, water is excreted as a byproduct. If you notice this symptom and are concerned that you could have diabetes, consider getting your blood sugar measured by a healthcare provider.

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