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14 Causes of Leg Pain

Do you know that a significant number of leg pains can be traced back to your lower spine? Most pain results from wear and tear, injuries in joints or muscles, and extensive and vigorous use of legs in general.

There are many reasons for leg pain. For example, it can be caused by varicose veins, blood clots or simply slow blood circulation.

It’s perfectly normal to treat minor leg injuries at home; however, in severe cases with alarming symptoms, professional medical attention should be sought. Your leg pain can either be musculoskeletal, neurological or vascular. Each category varies in causes and type of treatment.

Your leg pain can be moderate dull, tingling, aching, sharp or acute. Keeping track of your leg pain can help you seek the right medical attention.

This article will focus on a varying number of causes that result in leg pain and most importantly how could you immediately assess the situation by identifying the possible source of your leg pain pain.

1. Achilles Tendinitis

Frequent runners are mostly affected by Achilles tendinitis due to a sudden increase in their workout intensity or duration of their overall runtime. It’s also quite common among middle-aged people who play tennis or baseball on weekends. The band of tissue that binds the entire calf muscles at the lower back of your leg is intensified through an overuse injury.

It usually begins with a mild pain which can turn severe due to prolonged running or stair climbing. Age is also another vital factor that leads to Achilles tendinitis because the tendon which you use for walking, running, pushing and jumping is gradually weakened. Any rupture in your core tendon will have to be operated through surgery. That being said, with a nominal increase in your activity level, you could minimize the risk of injury.

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