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15 Most Devastating Hurricanes

In light of the arrival of the hurricane season, it is only suiting to talk about some of the most destructive hurricanes ever to pass through the United States. Some hurricanes are formed off the coast of Africa and travel long distances before reaching the eastern half of the United States whereas some traverse from the eastern pacific and make their way either to the continental U.S. or to Hawaii. Regardless of where you live in the U.S., there is a chance that a hurricane has affected you, your family, or someone you know and usually it affects in a great manner. Listed below are 15 of the most devastating and destructive hurricanes ever.

1) Galveston, TX in 1900

This hurricane came through over 100 years ago, which was before the naming of hurricanes. This storm ransacked and killed roughly 8,000 citizens of Galveston, Texas. Some claim death tolls were around 12,000 people, but this category 4 storm, when it reached land, was a big one.

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