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16 Foods for Brain Health

When you think about how amazing your body is, it is hard to leave out some of the most important organs and the functions they serve. Your heart is tasked with pumping blood to the body so you can breathe, nourish the cells, and to provide nutrients to the working muscles. The liver and kidneys filter toxins and chemicals, the pancreas secretes enzymes to shuttle sugar into cells, and the skin protects the body from a number of environmental compounds. However, despite the amazing functions of all of the organs in your body, the brain is arguably the most important organ. After all, the brain is the director of all functions in the body, including organ function. While the brain is protected from a number of physiological components, it is important to take good care of the brain and it can start by eating the right way. Listed below are 16 foods that can help to boost your brain health.

1. Greens.

You probably have known since you were a little kid that eating green leafy vegetables like broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts are good for you. Now that you are a bit older, you still know these vegetables are good for you, but many may not understand exactly why. Green leafy vegetables contain a number of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that can help to boost your mental health, meaning they support your brain’s functioning. A large part of the support they provide for the brain is due to the large amount of vitamin K and vitamin A, both of which are needed to cut down on inflammation that can affect your brain. Consider eating green leafy vegetables every single day as either a salad or side dish to your tasty dinner.

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