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18 Foods High in Protein

There is a large debate in the public about which nutrient is best for you and gives you the most health benefits. Some argue that a high fat diet can be essential for optimizing your metabolic profile whereas others may argue that carbs are good to eat and should be a major part of the diet.

However, when it comes to protein, many agree that more protein means more health benefits. Protein, in the form of amino acids, helps to supple your body’s building blocks, so that your cells can grow, heal, and repair properly. Without protein, your body would struggle mightily to do basic things throughout the day. Let’s take a look at 18 foods that are high in protein so that you can support your health and wellness.

1. Cottage Cheese.

Any food that comes from an animal is going to be a good source of protein. Cottage cheese is a great snacking and breakfast option that not only provides you with important energy in the morning, but it is a good source of protein as well. A one cup serving of cottage cheese contains a around 25 grams of protein, easily making this food option similar to protein powders and meat selections. You can enjoy cottage cheese plain or mixed in with some fresh fruit or berries. Be aware that most cottage cheese contains high amounts of sodium, so be selective and find brands that offer low sodium options.

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