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20 Causes of Stomach Pain

A short-lived cramp or dull ache in the abdomen area (also called the belly) is often referred to as a stomach ache. It can be found between the chest and the groin. Everybody has experienced stomach pain at least once in their life. Stomach aches are often not serious. It can be categorized where the pain is felt. When the pain can be felt in more than half of the abdomen, the pain is generalized. Generalized pain is commonly felt when a stomach virus is present or when there is indigestion or gas. When the pain is felt in only one area, the pain can be a sign of an organ problem. Concentrated pain is commonly called Localized pain. When the stomach is filled with gas and there is bloating along with diarrhea, the pain experienced is cramp like. There can be several reasons behind stomach pain. This article lists 20 of the possible causes of stomach pain.

1. Gallstones

What Is This?: Gallstones are tiny stones that are formed in the gallbladder, thus the name. The gallbladder is a tiny sac that can be found under the liver in the upper right abdomen. It is responsible for excreting the bile that is needed to digest fats. Gallstones are often formed when the cholesterol levels in the bile are abnormally high.
How It Causes Stomach Pain: Gallstones can cause swelling. It blocks the duct into the intestine and causes the pain. The pain caused by gallstones often occur at the right side of the upper abdomen.

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