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20 Foods That Are High in Carbohydrates

Let’s face it, you may have heard that carbs can cause poor health and can wreak havoc on your diet and exercise program. Carbohydrates, mostly referred to carbs, are essential to your life as a human, but a large majority of adults consume more than what is needed on a regular basis, which has been shown to be associated with insulin resistance, obesity, as well as certain cancers. In order to consume carbs in moderation, it is important to have a good understanding of the foods that are loaded in carbs. Let’s take a look at 20 foods that are high in carbs and can quickly lead to ill health in no time when consumed in high amounts.

20 Foods with High Carbohydrate Content

1. Smoothies

Carbohydrate content: 60 grams in one 16-oz serving.
Health Issue: Though a cup full of fruit seems like a clean way to start your day, smoothies are packed with carbohydrates. Fruits like mangoes, apples and bananas are high in sugar and, when blended together with juice, sugar, and milk, become dangerously carb-heavy. Though carbs are a normal part of a healthy diet, too many carbs can lead to excessive sugar intake, which may result in weight gain, obesity, and type II diabetes.
Substitution: Instead of blending, try eating fruit in its whole, raw form. You’ll avoid any added sugars that are typically hidden in smoothies, and get the full benefits of the fruit’s natural fiber (which makes you feel fuller longer).

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