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20 Places Where Jesus Walked


19. Sepphoris (Zipporis)
Sepphoris is a city in Galilee that was being constructed during Jesus’ lifetime. While not mentioned in the New Testament, religious scholars speculate that Joseph and a young Jesus may have worked on building the city. The area around Sepphoris may also be where Mary’s family is from.

20. Bethany
On Palm Sunday, when Jesus finally entered Jerusalem, he stayed in the village of Bethany. In Bethany, Jesus resurrected his devout follower, Lazarus, and also dined with Simon the Leper. After Jesus’s death and resurrection, he led his followers out of Bethany, blessed them, and ascended to Heaven.

Today, Bethany is believed to be the city al-Eizariya in the West Bank, which is where the tomb of Lazarus is located.

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