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20 Places Where Jesus Walked


17. Capernaum
Located in the northern part of Galilee is Capernaum, home of Saint Peter. After leaving Nazareth, Jesus set up his ministry in Capernaum and healed many people of their illnesses. Later, Jesus left Capernaum after the people there failed to repent and heed his word.

Today, only ruins of Capernaum remain, but several important sites have been discovered, including a house and church, which may be where Jesus and Peter lived and preached. An ancient boat, known as the Sea of Galilee Boat, or the Jesus Boat, was discovered in Capernaum. It dates back to the exact period of time Jesus lived in Capernaum with some believing Jesus may have used the boat. It is on display at Yigal Alon Museum in Kibbutz, Ginosar

18. Cana
Cana is a small town where Jesus performed his first public miracle – turning water into wine at a wedding (John 2:1-11). The Gospel of John later mentions Jesus in Cana where he is asked to heal a sick person.
Today, the location of Cana is debated among religious scholars, but it is believed to be somewhere in Lower Galilee, Israel.

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