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20 Richest Doctors in the United States

Becoming a doctor means that you want to help people, but it can also be a very lucrative job as well. While many make enough to support their family with a little extra, other doctors have made their career into a multi-million or even billion dollar job that allows them to live their life like a celebrity with all of the benefits that money offers. In the United States, here are 20 of the richest doctors here and how they have amassed their fortunes.

 Photo by NHS Confederation, via

Photo by NHS Confederation, via

1. Patrick Soon-Shiong
This South-African born surgeon moved to the United States after receiving his degree from the University of British Columbia. He finished his training at UCLA and became a board-certified surgeon. He has built and sold two drug companies at a substantial profit, including American Pharmaceutical Partnership and Abraxis. He founded NantWorks in 2011 to work on new cancer treatments. He is also known for his donations, such as $136 million to St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica and $5 million to the University of Chicago to help develop technology that will improve patient care. His net worth is $10.1 billion.

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