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7 Ways to Know if Your Coins are Valuable

With the long and complex history of US and world coinage, it can be hard to separate everyday coins from the ones that hold historical and inherent value. Here are a few tips to help you know if your coins are valuable.


7) Resources

Coin collecting has grown from the hobby of a few to that of millions. While some collect for historical purposes and for fun, others collect as an investment. For nearly 70 years, coin collectors have used these two definitive texts on coin values and information:
• Guide Book of United States Coins (the Red Book): Most popular and useful; Offers the most up to date information on coin values and their scarcity.
• Handbook of United States Coins (the Blue Book): Mostly used for coin wholesalers.
The Red Book will tell you just about any information you could want to know about your coin and its potential value. The Red Book will also tell you how many coins were created of that type and year. Both books are updated annually.
Several reputable online sites offer information, advice and coin sales:
• US Mint’s Official Website: Learn more about your favorite coins and buy exclusive coins, directly from the people who make them!
• Monex: Offers up to date information on gold, silver, and platinum prices. Also sells coins.

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