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7 Ways to Know if Your Coins are Valuable


6) Dates

You might think that older coins are always more valuable, but that isn’t always the case. While a 1921 Mercury Dime might be worth $50, an even older 1916 is only worth around $5. Use the Red Book or online sources to find the “good” dates.
Until the mid-60’s, common coins, like nickels and quarters, were once made with silver. Typically, these coins are called “junk” silver. Here are the dates to watch out for:
• Jefferson Wartime Silver Nickels: 35% silver; 1942 – 1945
• Mercury Dimes: 90% silver; 1916 – 1945
• Roosevelt Silver Dimes: 90% silver; 1946 – 1964
• Washington Silver Quarters: 90% silver; 1932 – 1964
• 1932-D and 1932-S Washington quarters are worth a few hundred dollars
• Kennedy Silver Half-Dollars: 90% silver; 1964 – 1970

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