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11 Acid Reflux Natural Remedies

If you’re anywhere near the age of a working adult, you’ve probably experienced heartburn before. Heartburn is caused by the muscle that allows food to flow to your stomach. When this muscle relaxes too much, some acid that your stomach creates can flow into it, causing an uncomfortable burning sensation in your chest. This process is known as acid reflux, and it is a common cause of heartburn. Though, you can have acid reflux on its own.

More likely than not, acid reflux will cause heartburn to occur. Luckily, fixing this burning sensation isn’t terribly complicated or spendy. All you need is some experimenting and a few household objects. In this article, we will give you 11 natural remedies that can ease the burning and get your stomach muscles back to work.


Eating a few almonds after your meals can help neutralize the juices in your stomach. Almonds have many benefits, so it’s no surprise that they can help with your acid reflux. Simply buy a bag of almonds and snack on them whenever you can. Be sure to eat at least 4-5 of them and time them so you consume them after your meals. You can also snack on them throughout the day since they’re both delicious and filling. It’s good to keep in mind that more almonds isn’t necessarily better, and the calories can add up when consumed in excess.

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