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9 Amazing Cities Outside the U.S. To Retire To

From the time most people begin a working career they start dreaming of retirement. The fulfillment of life in the “golden years” holds different visions and is as individual as the person entertaining the ideal.
Having enough money for retirement means factoring rising taxes, increasing energy costs, escalating and uncertain medical care, insurance, collapsing home values, and withering 401(k) accounts. Savvy ‘Boomers’ are opting to settle into retirement outside the United States, and there are some exciting destinations offering compelling advantages.
Here are eight cities outside the United States that provide amazing opportunities for a potential happily ever after launch!

1. VALLETTA, MALTA-The Maltese Islands emit an irresistible, mystic call to the wayfaring, retiree spirit. Malta is considered an open-air museum holding some of the world’s oldest known human structures. Located in the center of the Mediterranean, Valletta is 110 miles south of Sicily and 180 miles west of North Africa. Malta is the smallest country in Europe. It boasts the lowest cost of living, a high quality of life, and the most stunning housing for the price of any country in the EU. To retire in Malta, expats can apply for a generous permanent residency status.

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