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9 Best Cruises For Seniors

flickr photo by Trondheim Havn shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Despite the Titanic tragedy, cruising has always been synonymous with luxury and world-class entertainment for decades. Arguably one of the best ways to travel, choosing a cruise line can be a tough decision when you’re trying to find something that’s just right for you. As a senior, you may want something relaxing and luxurious, or, if you’re a particularly active senior, maybe you want something thrill-seeking and full of sightseeing opportunities. Either way, these 9 cruise lines are the best to choose from.

Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises offers a variety of on-board amenities such as a spa, entertainment, shopping, a salon, and delicious dining options. When it comes to entertainment, the ships all have a connoisseur club which is a cigar lounge that is perfect for after-dinner drinks and conversation due to its intimate atmosphere. The ships also have showrooms that are home to Broadway-style performances and amazingly comfortable seating with the perfect view from every seat. Another theater on-board is one where they play new releases as well as classic films; this theater also provides devices for the hearing impaired are provided. Finally, for seniors who enjoy an exciting game of blackjack or the melodious sounds of slot machines there is the casino. The cruise line also offers casino advances of up to $300 per person, per day which doesn’t have to be paid back until the end of the cruise.

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