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9 Best Ways To Make Your Money Last Through Retirement

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You have finally made it through your working life to retirement. You’re excited but also a bit apprehensive. You are concerned about your retirement income and how to make your money last through your retirement and into the “Golden Years.” And because having to switch from saving your money to spending your money takes some time to get your head wrapped around, you want to do the money right. Now you may also feel a bit vulnerable or stressed too when you realize that what you have saved is what you will have to live on; hopefully comfortably, the rest of your life. So below are some suggestions to help you then switch over from saver to managed spender and relieve some of your feelings of vulnerability.

1. First review your situation: Make sure you know exactly where you stand financially, regardless of how much you’ve saved or wish you had saved. Get together the account statements from all your accounts. Then subtract your assets from your debts which makes up your net worth statement. Next, see how your cash flow is working over the last couple of years. Cash flow is what money comes in and what money goes out. This information can then be used for projections on budget for the future.

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