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9 Health Signs To Watch For When You’re Older Than 55

memory loss
Aging is an inevitable consequence of living and for most people aging sure beats the alternative. Life expectancies are extending and with advances in medical care people are enjoying healthier, happy lives well in to their senior years.
Fifty-five years old may be the new 35 but the body still suffers and reacts to the ravages of pollution, stress, sun exposure, smoking, drinking, high-fat diets, and excessive use of alcohol. There are signals the body sends that indicate trouble.
It is true that in most cases, early detection of a health problem may make a difference in treatment and a successful cure. Here are 9 health signs to watch for. Discuss any health care concerns with your medical provider.1. MEMORY LOSS
Some memory loss is a normal condition associated with aging. Memory loss may also be a side effect of certain medications. Who hasn’t misplaced a pair of glasses, briefly forgotten their zip code, or missed a dentist appointment? More significant memory loss and confusion may be the symptom of serious age-related illness such as Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. Memory loss that merits concern include
• Getting lost in familiar neighborhoods
• Forgetting family names or common words
• Losing the ability to follow simple directions

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