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9 Things You Should Do Now That You Are Retired

You are approaching your retirement age, and you’ve been giving some thought to what you want to do with your life as the big day approaches. You’ve talked about it with friends and wondered what it would be like not to be a slave to the alarm clock. Would you get bored or would you learn to relax and let go? You also have wondered how you would fill your days then when you’re so used to being “on the clock.” Well, below are some suggestions of things you may want to do now that retirement is just around the corner.1. Travel: Vacations were wonderful as a working person and you could finally get away from it all. Now; however, you can travel anywhere you can afford to go and stay as long as you want to stay. You can travel around the county, explore the Grand Canyon, see Las Vegas, or lay on a beach in California. Or, maybe you’re up for a seafaring cruise to a faraway place. Cruise ships are like floating hotels with all the amenities, and you’re waited on hand and foot. Also as a senior, there are wonderful discounts for cruises and air flights. Plus, the possibilities of places to see and go are as limitless as your mind.

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