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8 Beauty Surgeries That Are Worth It As You Age

Baby Boomers are approaching the “Golden Years” with vigor unmatched by previous generations. Advances in medical care and a healthier lifestyle including diet and exercise extend life expectancy as well as the quality of life. Boomers are changing the perception of “senior citizen!” Among the improvements appreciated by people age 50 and older is the availability of cosmetic surgery. Once ...

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9 Easy Exercises People 55+ Should Do Every Week

As you have gotten older, like other people, you may have become more sedentary. This can lend to muscle loss as well as bone loss. Then bones will break easier when you fall, and that could end with many trips to the hospital and a hip replacement, or worse. Also you could end up in a nursing home being taken ...

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9 Foods People Over 55 Should Eat To Stay Young

There are no magic potions to secure eternal youth. In addition to the perpetual clock the ravages of stress, pollution, smoking, sun exposure, disease and excessive alcohol consumption contribute radically to the body’s aging process. Medical research proves a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a smart diet adds years to your life while subtracting years from your appearance. To ...

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9 Health Signs To Watch For When You’re Older Than 55

Aging is an inevitable consequence of living and for most people aging sure beats the alternative. Life expectancies are extending and with advances in medical care people are enjoying healthier, happy lives well in to their senior years. Fifty-five years old may be the new 35 but the body still suffers and reacts to the ravages of pollution, stress, sun ...

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