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12 Places to Retire and Pay Almost No Taxes

Some things are inevitable and when it comes to paying taxes, they are something you most likely will have to deal with the rest of your life. For individuals who are retired, paying and living off taxes makes up an important element in life, especially fiscally. Retirees generally live off of social security and have a fixed income, which is ...

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7 Ways to Know if Your Coins are Valuable

With the long and complex history of US and world coinage, it can be hard to separate everyday coins from the ones that hold historical and inherent value. Here are a few tips to help you know if your coins are valuable. 7) Resources Coin collecting has grown from the hobby of a few to that of millions. While some collect ...

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9 Best Ways To Make Your Money Last Through Retirement

You have finally made it through your working life to retirement. You’re excited but also a bit apprehensive. You are concerned about your retirement income and how to make your money last through your retirement and into the “Golden Years.” And because having to switch from saving your money to spending your money takes some time to get your head ...

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8 Reasons Why A Reverse Mortgage Is A Good Idea

First of all, what is a reverse mortgage? What are the eligibility requirements? Why would a reverse mortgage be a good idea? Well, a reverse mortgage is just what it sounds like. With a regular mortgage you make payments until the loan is paid off. When you have a reverse mortgage the lender makes the payments to you. When your ...

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