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20 Most Popular Bible Verses

There is a healthy respect for Bible verses that make the mind work. A strong mind is required to understand the words within, and a creative mind is needed to put it to good use. People in all professions can recall a verse that gives them energy to make it to the next day, so perhaps you will find one ...

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30 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

A dog is considered man’s best friend, but some dogs breeds make better friends than others. One of the most important personality trait when selecting a dog is loyalty. Most people want dogs that will love them and their family members and be a faithful and reliable companion. There are hundreds of pure and mixed breeds, so we’ve selected the ...

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10 Former Athletes and Their New Day Jobs

Most people think of professional athletes as being rich. While it is true that many of them do become very rich, the majority do not. Careers in professional sports tend to be rather short, and most players never land the big eight or nine-figure contracts that make the headlines. In reality, most professional athletes have to get a ‘day job’ ...

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20 Richest Actresses in America

Being part of a TV show, movie, or a play can be quite lucrative for some actors. Some make more than others, however, and it will depend upon your drawing power and your previous projects to determine what you will be paid. Either way, once you become known you are sure to find that your income goes up substantially. Enjoy ...

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