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Impact of Telehealth on Your Family

Here are some key benefits to telehealth or telemedicine:

– Patients who may be contagious do not need to spend time in the doctor’s office — potentially infecting other people in the waiting areas as well as the healthcare professionals.

– Telehealth helps people in rural parts of the country who don’t have convenient access to local doctors or healthcare providers.

– The expansion of telehealth can ease the burden on the hospital systems — allowing the hospitals to focus their attention on the most serious, and the most urgent, cases. This benefit is also referred to as “load balancing.”

– Telehealth can also help to reduce the cost of healthcare in the country. This could be a very significant benefit as healthcare costs in the US are estimated to be close to $4 trillion. As a result, telehealth could potentially lower the cost of private insurance and help insure the long term success of Medicare. It can also improve the services provided to Veterans.

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