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Most (and Least) Educated Presidential Candidates

One of the more interesting aspects of the candidates for the 2016 Presidential contest is their educational diversity. At one end is a popular candidate who attended a state college in his home state, and on the other end is Princeton and Harvard educated lawyer. We’ve researched the candidates and applied a formula that took into account the quality of the schools attended, the number and type of advanced degrees they hold and other academic achievements. We’ve scored all the candidates and here they are, from worst to first:

Photo by Michael Vadon, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Michael Vadon, via Wikimedia Commons

9) John Kasich (R) 

John Kasich is currently the popular Governor of Ohio. He attended high school in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania and enrolled at Ohio State University where he earned his BA in Political Science. He knew he wanted a career in politics even in college – he wrote a letter to President Nixon and was granted a meeting with him in 1970. As soon as he graduated from Ohio State, he went to work for Senator Buz Lukens and aside from a stint at Lehman Brothers, has been in politics his entire adult life. Education Scorecard – 46

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