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Top 15 Causes of Nosebleeds

We’ve all had a nosebleed at some stage of our lives and probably wondered how so much blood can come from such a small place. The reason is that there are literally hundreds of small blood vessels just under the surface of the lining of the nose and these are easily broken, resulting in a nosebleed. Nose bleeds can be divided into two categories: anterior nosebleeds, where the blood comes from the vessels in the wall between the nostrils and posterior nosebleeds, where the bleeding occurs higher up in the nose where the artery branches to supply each nostril. Most nosebleeds only last a few minutes and are not serious. However, if the bleeding persists for more than an hour, it may be advisable to seek medical attention.

1. Picking Your Nose

Why It Happens: Nose picking is one of the most common causes of nosebleeds. The lining of the nose is very delicate and easily broken by a sharp finger nail or rough treatment.
Additional Info: Apart from causing nosebleeds, picking one’s nose can spread germs to and from the nose. This either spreads germs, like the ones that cause colds and flu, or introduces germs into the body from the fingers. Both should be avoided.
What To Do: Don’t pick your nose! Teach children not to pick their noses and to wash their hands if they do.

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